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Flying high with a New Community of Bored Apes, available now!!

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About Bored Ape Cannabis Club

Let' start here...

The war on drugs has never worked, and ‘refer madness’ never happened like the experts said it would when Canada legalized federally in 2018, our system isn’t perfect, but we’re getting better. On April 1st 2022 the US House of Representatives passed the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act, If made into law, this bill would reverse decades of injustices, especially from communities of colour. The policy of arrest, prosecution, and incarceration at the federal level is both unwise and unjust (Nadler, 1 April 2022, “For far too long, we have treated marijuana as a criminal justice problem, instead of as a matter of personal choice and public health.” And, it is very clear nationally that the majority of Americans want cannabis legalized federally.

Now for the fun... Bored Apes Cannabis Club is a collection of 10,000 script generated Apes and 20 Hand-created 'Genesis' Apes that are each unique in a special way for a total of 10,020 Apes, inspiried by the BAYC Collection on the Etherium bolckchain. The Bored Ape Cannabis Collection Apes are stored as ERC-721 Tokens on the Polygon blockchain and hosted on IPFS. The inital collection price of a single Ape is set to 0.0420 ETH or ~100 MATIC (at launch). We chose Polygon to make this affordable to everyone, so you don't have to pay the crazy high ETH minting gas fees, we want this collection to be accessible to everyone!

Once your Bored Ape Cannabis Club Ape is minted, you will be able to resell it on Opensea for ETH.

Each of the scripted Apes is created randomly from a selecion of various backgrounds, tops, glasses, smokeables with a BACC logo thrown in here and there as well. They were given rarity data, so some are more rare than others, and of course the Genesis Apes are unique, each with a special meaning. There is one super special just for JB (sneak peak below), since I know he owns a Bored Ape! Oh and he's Canadian, and this is kind of a Canadian thing since cannabis became legal in Canada a few years ago, there is some specific Canadian content in some of the Apes too... maybe some day the US and the rest of the world will follow! There's also another really special Genesis Ape which whick was created for another project, launching soon, watch for it!


Our Canadian Brother, JB, this one's for you man!

The Team

These were developed by a small team, the CEO, CTO and CCO, with a little help from some of our friends, Janno, Peanut and Jesse thank you for all your help making this project happen, you guys are awesome!


#420 Chief Executive


#421 Chief Technical


#422 Chief Creative

The Collection

This Cannabis Club Ape is meant to be a collectible. There are no concrete plans just yet for the fuure of The Bored Ape Cannabis Club (BACC), however you should be able to do everything with your BACC Ape than you can do with any other Collectible NFT, we are thinking of the metaverse too... who knows maybe a cannabis lounge in there some day!

This is a recent update, just before launch... we have purchased land in two Metaverses, the plan is to setup up a lounge, no timeframe on this yet but it is in our roadmap, watch here for updates. Also we are considering a coin project, it is in our roadmap for Q2 2022, more to come on that soon as well. Don't listen to the Wall Street pundits who say NFT's and the Metaverse are dead... We're not dead and we're not going anywhere, we will survive and thrive with you. This is exciting times!!

The Bored Ape Cannabis Club Whitepaper

Whitepaper Note: Requires Adobe PDF Reader.

The Bored Ape Cannabis Club (BACC) isn't just an NFT, it's people, and this whitepaper will give you an idea of who we are and what our plans are now and for the future; we're not a rug pull, we're not here for short term gains, we have a long term plan and the will and expertise to execute it, watch for it, it will be an exciting few years ahead! The Bored Ape Cannabis Club is a place where everyone can hang out, live - it’s open, social, persistent and provides users with tools to interact, experience, improve, and truly enjoy their property.

High Flight Cannabis Co. Collaboration


We've decided on a collaboration with High Flight Cannabis Co. for Meatverse lounges, merchandise and for accessories, we have a long standing and very productive relationship with them, they have a great team and a great vision for what the future might bring, we're happy to build on this relationship to do great things for The Bored Ape Cannabis Club community.

The Bored Ape Cannabis Club and the Metaverse


We have two Solana Metaverse projects in development. Check out our Portals Lounge Demo, as stated, still in development (and one of 6 properties we have in Portals), we don't have an ETA on the Heavenland space as Heavenland is still in the process of rolling out, we have 6 properties there as well. Check out the Portals and Heavenland Discord for updates.

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Whitelisting April 20, 2022

We are planning a fair launch, so no whitelisting and no pre-sales.

Watch the countdown to launch on the sebsite!

Pre-Sale April 20, 2022

As we mentioned above, there will be no whitelist or pre-sale! Be the first to mint a Bored Ape Cannabis Club NFT when the public sale opens!!

Public Sale April 20, 2022 at 4:20pm UTC

Public sale starts. Mint like like a bandit!

Metaverse Q4 2022

We have purchased space in two metaverses, the plan is to launch a cannabis lounge in Portals first, you'll be the first to know when that happens, then in Heavenland. We'll provide more details in our Discord as as this one develops! Loyalty cards and their $HTO token are launching on the 4th of May. It is in our roadmap, however there is no firm timeframe for Heavenland, more to follow in Roadmap V2.

Rarity Tools Q3 2022

Rarity tools activation.

BACC Token Q3 2023

We are considering the launch of a BACC token, you'll be the first to know if/when we decide to move forward with this! If we do there will be a token airdrop to the first 420 NFT buyers. There are many issues that need careful consideration with the launch of any token, we're working on it.

Merch Store/Metaverse Store Q1 2023

A merch store is in the works as well, in the real world and in the metaverse, no set timeframe on this targeting Q1 2023!

Updates Coming Soon!