Welcome to Web3 Safety Education from the BACC Team

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Welcome to Web3 Safety from the BACC Team

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Web3 Safety Tips from the BACC Team

We have documented a few safety giudelines to help all Web3 enthusiasts better enjoy the Web3 experience with confidence that your Crypto and NFT valuables are secure and free from the grasp of relentless and more and more creative scammers, tha just don't care who they scam, thier own grandmother, those in need, the less fortunate or the poor who are just trying to get by and maybe save a little.

Yes, some of this sounds a little extreme, but it's for a reason, as I said, these scammers are relentless and will at some point target you, you need to do all that you can to prevent them from accessing your Crypto/NFT valuables. There are some things you can do to make it very difficult for them, if it's too much work, they'll move on to their next target.

This document isn't all encompassing, but it's a solid guide to get you started on a safe Web3 experience. The onus as always however is on you to make smart decisions and always be wary.

TL;DR doesn't apply here, you NEED to read this!

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